Inspiring Stories of Giving

Both our donors and the beneficiaries of their generosity have inspiring stories to share. Read their stories below:

Janet O'Leary

Supporting Scholarships and Women in STEM

For Janet O’Leary ’84, who always loved math and science, engineering and WPI were a natural fit. One of six children in a family with limited financial resources, O’Leary needed significant financial aid to supplement her and her parents’ contributions to her education.
Sam Tetlow

Endowing Innovations for a Better World

Sam Tetlow ‘93 was attracted to the flexibility of WPI’s academic program, as well as the university’s overarching mission of harnessing the power of engineering, science, and technology for the good of society.
Jean Camp

Launching More Than Just Careers at WPI

Jean (Salek) Camp ’84, a New Jersey native, originally had big dreams of becoming an artist, but an introduction to engineering by a guidance counselor turned the idea on its head.
Winthrop “Win” Wassenar ’59

A Love of Travel Leads to a Global Legacy

Winthrop “Win” Wassenar ’59 grew up in an average “blue collar” town in Central Massachusetts. Both parents grew up on farms and his dad drove a bakery delivery truck six days a week.
Dan and Alice Ryan

WPI Celebrates 150 years of Charles Dickens

A lifelong collector of Charles Dickens manuscripts and material and an expert in his own right, Daniel Ryan was nonetheless puzzled by his newest treasure.

Philanthropy at Gordon Library Inspires WPI Community

In 1964, George Crompton Gordon made arrangements with WPI President Harry Purnell Storke for a bequest to his beloved alma mater.

A Second Chance

Roger Massey ’62 was looking for a way to secure an additional income stream to supplement his fixed income after retirement. The Charitable Gift Annuity gave him a tax deduction as well as guaranteed income for life.

A Legacy in the Arts and Student Support

J. Richard Weiss '42 was a dedicated and generous alumnus. Dorothy, his wife, continued his philanthropic legacy through planned giving.

For family, WPI, and a little fun

Karen and Frank Verprauskus ’61 have been Alden Society members since 2013, when they established their first gift annuity with WPI. Recently, the Verprauskuses were able to deepen their commitment to WPI while gaining tax benefits and income for life through a planned gift.

From Curious Innovator to Legacy Builder

As a firm believer that engineering involves the practical implementation of science, it’s not hard to understand how Wayne Ponik ended up with such a distinguished career at Teradyne, the world’s largest supplier of automatic electronics and telecommunication test equipment.

Gift of Land Continues Professor’s Profound Legacy

Chue-San Yoo entered WPI in 1983 with little money and lots of anxiety. But a reassuring word from the then department head and chemical engineering professor Yi Hua (Ed) Ma helped forge the course of his academic—and, ultimately, professional—career.

Helping Future Entrepreneurs Get a Strong Start

Lawrence D’Addario ’90 has fond memories of WPI and remains friends with a group of fellow students he met as a freshmen.

Loyal Supporter Blends Giving for Lasting Impact

Bernie Meister ‘62 knows the value of giving back. He is a longtime supporter of his alma mater through the WPI Fund. He has made WPI a beneficiary of his IRA and has created a student scholarship during his lifetime.

Loyal Supporters Join the Alden Society

James Alfieri ’59 remembers himself at WPI as an “average student, from modest means, who loved to have a good time.”

The Everlasting Legacy

Joaquim “Joe” Ribeiro ’58 began his philanthropic legacy at WPI in 1965, and from that point on he and his wife Sarah have continued to support WPI in meaningful and impactful ways.